Four Steps To Becoming A Data-Driven Black Belt

This post is meant to tell you how to use this website for its intended purpose: becoming a data-driven marketing pro.  There are four key steps to keep in mind, and we hope you go through all of them.  And if it helps, you can watch the video version of this blog post below.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. First, you should progress through the training program in a linear fashion: start with blue belt lessons, and progress through red, green, gold, brown and black.  Don’t skip around.
  2. Second, you should make sure to ask questions when you feel like a topic is unclear. If you use the “Raise Your Hand” feature at the bottom of every lesson, you can tell an instructor exactly where you are having difficulty — this let’s us know when we should create more lessons for you, and more importantly, it let’s us schedule one-on-one sessions with you to make sure you have what you need to progress.
  3. Third, after you are finishes watching a lesson, you should look in the top right corner of the page for a button that says either “Take a Quiz” or “Complete.”  If you feel like you have mastered the material in the lesson, then either take the quiz (if applicable) or click “Complete.”  This helps us track which lessons you’ve completed and which you haven’t. If you aren’t sure whether you understand the topic fully, then don’t click “Complete,” and instead ask a question (see #4 below).  Note: many of these questions are modeled on the Google Exams, and will help you draw the connection between Google’s testing and the practical application of Google’s product.
  4. Fourth, after watching the lessons, and asking questions when you’re stuck, you should submit the tests at the end of every belt level.  We recommend talking to an instructor one-one-one at least once before submitting your belt level tests — this will help us make sure you are ready to pass.


Will Marlow is the founder of an official Google AdWords Partner agency, and he is personally certified in Google AdWords Search, Google AdWords Display, Google Analytics, and as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. He launched Will Marlow Training, LLC to provide online training to business owners, DIYers, other marketing consultants, and anyone who wants to learn how to accomplish business goals using search engines.