Week 1 On Your Path To Becoming a Data-Driven Black Belt

In your first week of training as a data-driven Black Belt, you will be mastering the White Belt level curriculum, and here are a few things you should know about this level: First, you are going to be focused on concepts. You won’t be asked to create campaigns or pick keywords. In your first week, […]

Three Blog Posts for Marketers Who Are New To SEO

If you consider yourself a beginning with SEO, then you may want to start with the three blog posts below before you dig into the more advanced SEO lessons. Here is what you’ll learn: What Does It Means for a Blog Post To Be Effective in SEO? (5:23) When you are getting started with SEO, […]

10 Lessons That Focus on Landing Page Optimization

Here are 11 lessons on landing page optimization, one of which you can see without buying access to the Black Belt training program. [FREE] An Introduction to Landing Page Optimization Best Practices – 5:15 This is a free lesson (no registration required) and you should start here to make sure you are grounded in the […]

4 Things You Need To Know About Event Tracking In Google Analytics

If you have made it through the red belt level of this marketing training, then you already know how useful event tracking can be, but I wanted to share an introductory post to help you people understand why event tracking is powerful. So, here are four things you need to know in order to understand event tracking in […]

Five Ways To Use The Black Belt Training Site

Here are five ways you should think about using this Black Belt Training site: Become a data-driven black belt. You can systematically teach yourself to be a data-driven marketing professional. You do this by (a) progressively going through each of the belt levels, (b) asking questions along the way using the “Raise Your Hand” feature in order […]

How We Use The Black Belt System To Test New Hires

You may not know this, but we built the Black Belt Training program as an internal tool for our digital marketing agency.  We know firsthand how difficult it is to hire people who have a deep understanding of data-driven marketing, and so in order to solve that problem for ourselves, we built this training program. […]

Four Steps To Becoming A Data-Driven Black Belt

This post is meant to tell you how to use this website for its intended purpose: becoming a data-driven marketing pro.  There are four key steps to keep in mind, and we hope you go through all of them.  And if it helps, you can watch the video version of this blog post below. Here’s how […]

All The Keyword Lessons You Need (32) In One Place

Here are all the keyword lessons you need in one place: the topics cover SEM, SEO, and Analytics, and each one provides a different type of keyword insight for you to understand and factor into your campaigns: How To Create An Easy Keyword List – 7:38 Understanding KAL Alignment: Keyword –> Ad Text –> Landing […]

3 Data-Driven Marketing Lessons for Public Relations Pros

Below are three lessons that are tremendously helpful for PR pros.  Two of them are free, and the third requires signing up for the Black Belt training program. Here’s what you will learn: Advanced Link Building Tactic: How To Target Huge Publications Like Mashable – 5:26 This free lesson shows you how to land major […]

27 Completely Free Data-Driven Marketing Lessons

Here are all the currently available free training lessons (27) that are part of our Black Belt training system — we hope you find them useful as you build your expertise as a data-driven marketer. Understanding the Difference Between Sessions and Users – 5:05 An Introduction to Google Analytics Advanced Segments – 4:34 How To See […]