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What networks make up Google Ads?

What are Dimensions and Metrics

Using Automated Rules in Google Ads

The Importance of Success Metrics

The Foundational Concepts of Data-Driven Marketing

Monitoring & Digital Advertising

Keyword Research – The Building Blocks of SEM and SEO

Investment & Marketing Final Strategies

Introduction to SEO & SEO Audits

Introduction to Landing Page Optimization

Understand the different types of landing pages at different levels of the marketing funnel and how to analyze your competitor’s landing pages to help optimize your pages for performance.

Introduction to Google & Microsoft Ads

Introduction to Facebook Advertising

Introduction to Display Ads & Remarketing

Intro to Microsoft Ads: A Platform Tour

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11-Step Google Ads Weekly Account Optimization

11-Step Weekly Google Ads Optimization

3 Steps to a Client Discovery (Team Only)

3-Steps to Preparing for Client Discovery Meetings

8 Most Common Types of Ad Concepts

Ads vs SEO: How They’re Different, and How They Work Together

An Introduction to Google Analytics Advanced Segments

An Introduction to Google Analytics Intelligence Events (Alerts)

An Introduction to Google Analytics View-Level (fka “Profile-Level”) Filters

Basic SEO Checklist for Any Client (+ Template)

Calculate “Cost Per Conversion” Targets and ROI

Calculate Google Ads Conversions by Time of Day and Percentage of Budget

Client Communication 101 (Team Only)

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