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Royku is your online source for instructor-led training in digital marketing skills like PPC, SEO, Google Analytics, and more. Individually paced classes are taught by expert instructors to help you quickly master the skills you need.

Actionable Training

We teach more than just theory here. We give you the tools and the know-how to implement your training immediately.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are experts in their practices, incorporating real-world experience into every lesson.

Premium Material

It’s ‘data-driven’ training because each lesson is time, industry, and real-world-tested.

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

What will you learn with Royku?

Here is a short list of the things you will learn through the Royku Training program:

Learn how to choose and implement the best online strategy
Learn how to pick the very best keywords for PPC & SEO
Find out which keywords your competitors are targeting
Effectively analyze keyword, ad, and landing page performance
Measure the impact of traffic from all sources to your website — not just advertising
Track the ROI of ad campaigns with sophisticated conversion tracking
Link marketing campaigns to third-party systems like
Calculate appropriate CPL (cost-per-lead) targets based on your close rates and profit margins
Find out what factors are dragging down your SEO results
Quickly assess whether someone is doing an excellent job for you in running your SEM and SEO campaigns
Launch sophisticated display campaigns that move your audience through your sales funnel
Identify where your customers and leads are dropping off
Confidently update 10’s and 100’s of thousands of ads, keywords, and landing pages in a matter of minutes.

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