Five Ways To Use The Black Belt Training Site

Here are five ways you should think about using this Black Belt Training site:

  1. Become a data-driven black belt. You can systematically teach yourself to be a data-driven marketing professional. You do this by (a) progressively going through each of the belt levels, (b) asking questions along the way using the “Raise Your Hand” feature in order to get one-one-time with an instructor, or to get email answers to your questions, and (c) then submitting the test materials at the end of each belt level.  This is the best way to get yourself and your career to the next level as a marketer.
  2. Test your marketing team or your new hires.  This is the reason we built the Black Belt training program in the first place — we have an agency, and we need to make sure that everyone is aligned on best practices. We also wanted a good way to identify whether someone was skilled enough to join our team.
  3. Brush up on your skills or refresh your memory on certain advanced techniques.  Even though I wrote most of the lessons myself, there are some that I still refer to when I forget how to do them. For instance, I almost always forget how to use VLOOKUPs to identify keyword overlaps between two keyword lists.  This is a tricky technique for someone who only knows Excel as it relates to PPC, and so it is super helpful to re-watch these lessons before doing VLOOKUPs.
  4. Request additional lessons. Every video has a “Raise Your Hand” option — this is important. We want you to use it to tell us when something is unclear, or a topic is difficult.  In many cases, we may make a new video based on your request, because if you’re having difficulty, then it probably means other people are as well.  If you want help learning an advanced technique in AdWords, SEO, Google Analytics, or Social PPC, you should ask us to make it.
  5. Unstructured Learning.  We organize our lessons in several different ways: by belt level, by topic, and using this blog, we also group them in more creative ways: all lessons that discuss keywords, for instance. Or all lessons that are relevant to public relations professionals.

Will Marlow is the founder of an official Google AdWords Partner agency, and he is personally certified in Google AdWords Search, Google AdWords Display, Google Analytics, and as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. He launched Will Marlow Training, LLC to provide online training to business owners, DIYers, other marketing consultants, and anyone who wants to learn how to accomplish business goals using search engines.