9 Lessons About Conversion Tracking

Here are the first nine video lessons about how to think about, setup, and measure conversions using Google Analytics and AdWords.

These video lessons should give you a solid grounding in how to measure a wide variety of actions/outcomes on your own website, or for your clients.

  1. How To Assign a Dollar Value To Goals in Google Analytics.
  2. How To Use Advanced Segments to “Mirror” Goal Tracking In Google Analytics.
  3. How To Turn Google Analytics “Events” Into Goals
  4. How To Setup Goal Tracking in Google Analytics for “Video” Events
  5. How To Use Events To Track “Button Clicks” As Conversions In Google Analytics
  6. How To Understand the Difference Between “Soft” and “Hard” Conversions
  7. What’s the Difference Between Conversion Tracking and Attribution Modeling?
  8. [Basic] How To Setup AdWords Conversion Tracking
  9. How To Calculate Conversions by Time of Day and Percentage of Budget

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Will Marlow is the founder of an official Google AdWords Partner agency, and he is personally certified in Google AdWords Search, Google AdWords Display, Google Analytics, and as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. He launched Will Marlow Training, LLC to provide online training to other marketing professionals, business owners, and all sorts of DIYers who want to learn how to accomplish business goals using search engines. He has managed accounts that range from almost $1,000,000 per month in total budget, to under $1,000 per month in budget.