Week 1 On Your Path To Becoming a Data-Driven Black Belt

In your first week of training as a data-driven Black Belt, you will be mastering the White Belt level curriculum, and here are a few things you should know about this level: First, you are going to be focused on concepts. You won’t be asked to create campaigns or pick keywords. In your first week, […]

Five Ways To Use The Black Belt Training Site

Here are five ways you should think about using this Black Belt Training site: Become a data-driven black belt. You can systematically teach yourself to be a data-driven marketing professional. You do this by (a) progressively going through each of the belt levels, (b) asking questions along the way using the “Raise Your Hand” feature in order […]

Four Steps To Becoming A Data-Driven Black Belt

This post is meant to tell you how to use this website for its intended purpose: becoming a data-driven marketing pro.  There are four key steps to keep in mind, and we hope you go through all of them.  And if it helps, you can watch the video version of this blog post below. Here’s how […]