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Remarketing is a tremendously powerful type of advertising.  The name “remarketing” contains the definition itself: you are “re”-engaging with an audience that you have already targeted in the past.  It is synonymous with the term “retargeting.”  Finally, whenever we introduce someone to the concept of remarketing, we emphasize that it is a type of “behavior” targeting, which is what makes it so effective.  This means that your ads will be shown based on the “behavior” that your audience exhibits, not their identity.  For instance, you might want to show an ad to someone who has visited a certain page on your website (aka, visiting the page would be the behavior target), and this behavior would be more important than knowing whether or not they fit into a certain demographic profile.

The lessons below include all the training you will need to run advanced remarketing campaigns:

  1. Setting Up Remarketing – 17:09
  2. How To Use the Site Category Exclusion To Control Where You Ads Show On The Google Display Network – 5:59
  3. Why You Want To Use Google Analytics To Manage Remarketing Audiences – 6:13
  4. How To Accept the Data Processing Amendment for Remarketing in Google Analytics – 2:02
  5. How To Enable Remarketing Audience Creation in Google Analytics – 4:56
  6. How To Create Advanced Remarketing Audiences Using Google Analytics – 7:02
  7. Five Mandatory Remarketing Audiences You Need To Create – 6:19
  8. How To Block Websites You Disagree With From Running Your Ads – 2:29
  9. How To Create A “Page of Interest” Remarketing Campaign – 4:01

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