Green Belt Certification – Detailed Curriculum


The Green Belt-level introduces advanced SEO and advanced Google Analytics techniques into your data-driven optimization tool-kit.  By achieving the Green Belt level of mastery, you will be able to adjust campaigns in significant ways to improve results, increase efficiency, and find new opportunities.

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Next level: gold belt.


Green Belt Course Curriculum: [TIME]

Part 1: Google Analytics

Part 2: Facebook

Evaluation: Proctored Exam + Project

Green Belt Curriculum


  1. What Is Google Analytics?
  2. How to Install Google Analytics on a Website?
  3. How To Properly Name a Google Analytics View
  4. How To Use and Create Advanced Segments (free)
  5. How To Create an Advanced Segment That Mirrors a Destination URL Goal
  6. How To Create and Schedule Email Custom Reports in Google Analytics
  7. How To Setup Google Site Search Tracking in Google Analytics
  8. How To Exclude Traffic from Your Office
  9. How To Verify That Google Analytics Script Has Been Properly Added To a Website
  10. What Is the Difference Between Source & Medium in Google Analytics?
  11. How To Find Out if the Google Analytics Tracking Script Is Missing from Any Page
  12. An Introduction to Google Analytics View-Level (fka “Profile-Level”) Filters
  13. How To Do A “Blind” Google Analytics Assessment
  14. How To Make the “Who Is On My Site” Report
  15. How To Isolate Traffic by City and Apply It To All Reports Via Advanced Segments
  16. How To Create Custom Reports in Google Analytics
  17. How To Display Full URLs In Google Analytics
  18. How To Add Full URLs To Google Analytics Excel Reports
  19. How To Exclude Spam Traffic from in Google Analytics Reports (free)
  20. What’s the Difference Between Custom Reports and Shortcuts?
  21. How To Identify How Many Visitors Are Using Devices With Touchscreens (free)
  22. How To Calculate How Many Unique Visitors Come To Your Website Per Month
  23. How To Find Previous Page Path for Any Specific URL On Your Website
  24. How To Export A List of All Website URLs Along With Page Title Tags
  25. An Introduction to Google Analytics Intelligence Events (Alerts)
  26. How To Send A Client Instructions On Setting Up Event Tracking


  1. Introduction to Facebook Ads (General Overview)
  2. How To Create a Facebook Business Manager – 2:44
  3. How To Connect Your Facebook Page and Ad Account To Your Business Manager
  4. How To Connect Your Facebook Business Manager To the Will Marlow Agency – 3:04


  1. Create a Landing Page Report Showing Traffic By City For Specific Landing Pages Via Secondary Dimensions
  2. Create A Social Media for SEO Section on a Web Presence Assessment
  3. Create An Inbound Link Analysis
  4. Create a Top Keyword Target List for SEO Recommendations
  5. Perform A 9-point Google Analytics Checklist for QA
  6. Make SEO Content Recommendations in a Web Presence Assessment
  7. Know The Difference Between A Web Presence Assessment and an SEO Strategic Plan
  8. How To Use Custom Reports and Filters To Measure the Impact of Public Relations on a Website (free)
  9. How To Use the Google URL Builder To Measure the ROI of Social Media Posts
  10. How To Use The Google URL Builder To Measure ROI of Press Release
  11. How To Use Google Alerts To Identify SEO Problems in Real Time
  12. Light Editing: An Introduction to “Light Editing”: How To Guide Content Teams on SEO
  13. Light Editing: How to Report on Keyword Rankings for Specific Landing Pages in SEO
  14. Protecting Your Keyword Ranking: Do You Lose SEO Ranking When You Re-write Page Titles?