Blue Belt Certification – Detailed Curriculum

Blue Belt Level Certification

The Blue Belt-level is the first level of certification on the way towards your data-driven black belt.  By achieving the Blue Belt-level of mastery, you will be able to build a well-optimized campaign with well-selected keywords, and strong ads. Your campaign will follow all of the most important fundamental best practices, and as you progress further in your training you will be well-positioned to optimize the campaign.

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Keyword Research – The Building Blocks of SEM and SEO

Here are your keyword research learning objectives for these lessons:

Create a Keyword List for Any Industry — Understand Difference Between Keyword and a Query — Produce Keyword Deliverables for Clients — Know The Difference Between Keyword Matchtypes — How To Structure SEM Campaigns According To KAL Alignment

  1. Introduction to Making Keyword Lists (free)
  2. The Best Tools for Keyword Research (free)
  3. Using the Google Keyword Planner To Make Quick Keyword Lists
  4. How To Make 3 KW Deliverables: Massive List, Refined List, & Approved List
  5. KAL Alignment: 9 Things You Must Memorize About AdWords (free)
  6. KAL Alignment: Understanding KAL Alignment: Keyword –> Ad Text –> Landing Page
  7. What Are Broad Match Keywords? – 2:24
  8. What Are Phrase Match Keywords? – 2:18
  9. When Should You Use Broad Match Keywords? 4:40
  10. What Are Broad Match Modified Keywords? – 4:22

Structure, Settings, Processes – Align Your Work With Best Practices

Here are your learning objectives for part two of your blue belt level: the structure, settings and processes in SEM:

Pick the Correct Settings for SEM Campaigns — Audit The Work of Others — Diagnose Problems Quickly — Analyze Basic Results — Prepare Yourself for Recurring Optimization

  1. Setup an AdWords Account Within An MCC
  2. Conducting AdWords Audits
  3. AdWords Audit TEMPLATES: the basic audits
  4. AdWords Audit TEMPLATES: the advanced audits
  5. Name 3-Step Preparations for Client Discovery Meeting Prep
  6. 10-Step AdWords Weekly Account Optimization
  7. Linking AdWords & Webmaster Tools
  8. Setup Google Webmaster Tools
  9. What Is Google Webmaster Tools
  10. Using AdWords Segments for Analysis
  11. Introduction to SEO Audits
  12. SEO Audit Checklist [PPT & Excel]
  13. Example of an SEO Audit Presentation
  14. How To Properly Name a Google Analytics View

Ad Writing Basics

Here are your learning objectives for part three of your blue belt level: best practice SEM ad writing:

How and Why Text Ads Are Different Than Display Ads — How To Get Your Ads Approved Quickly — How To Write Ads That Are Compliant With KAL Alignment — Understand Which Ads Are Performing Best

  1. Introduction to AdWords Ad Writing –
  2. Mastering Method 1 Ad Writing (Adopting Client Website Language)
  3. Mastering Method 2 Ad Writing (Keyword Headline Formula)

Exam + Testing

The blue belt level of training is the first level of data-driven advertising, and will emphasize keyword research, ad writing, as well various concepts that touch on settings and judgment.  You should reach out to your instructor to ask questions in advance of completing the tests below, and should make sure you are prepared before submitting your work.  Your work will be reviewed as part of a video and screenshare discussion.

  1. Keywords + Ad Creation Assignment
  2. Short Answer Questions