The Black Belt Certification Program is a six-level training program to help you master Google AdWords, SEO, and Google Analytics, in order to run data-driven marketing campaigns.  We make a huge portion of our curriculum publicly available in order to allow learners to know what they are getting with our training program, and we only limit access to the Brown Belt and Black Belt levels. Below

  1. Blue Belt Certification
    The Blue Belt-level is the first level of certification on the way towards your data-driven black belt.  By achieving the Blue Belt-level of mastery, you will be able to build a well-optimized campaign with well-selected keywords, and strong ads. Your campaign will follow all of the most important fundamental best practices, and as you progress further in your training you will be well-positioned to optimize the campaign.
  2. Red Belt Certification
    The Red Belt-level is the second level in working towards your data-driven black belt certification.  By achieving the Red Belt level of mastery, you will be able to optimize the campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ad text that you learned to build at the Blue Belt level.  The Blue Belt-level qualifies you to build an AdWords campaign, and the Red Belt-level qualifies you to start “optimization.”  Specifically, you will be able to optimize keywords, landing pages, and ads. And you will also be able to “analyze” the the trends in data, by setting up, using and interpreting conversion metrics across multiple systems. Finally, you will be able to use the most important aspects of Google Analytics for further campaign analysis. 
  3. Green Belt Certification
    The Green Belt-level introduces advanced SEO and advanced Google Analytics techniques into your data-driven optimization tool-kit.  By achieving the Green Belt level of mastery, you will be able to adjust campaigns in significant ways to improve results, increase efficiency, and find new opportunities.
  4. Gold Belt Certification
    The Gold Belt-level is the third level in working towards your data-driven black belt certification.  By achieving the Gold Belt level of mastery, you will be capable of building and optimizing AdWords campaigns, but you will also be able to launch sophisticated retargeting campaigns, and do utilize advanced AdWords strategies.
  5. Brown Belt Certification
    The Brown Belt-level introduces you to the concept and practice of making bulk changes via spreadsheets and AdWords Editor, as well as how to utilize automated rules in AdWords.  This level is crucial to helping you scale your efficiency as well as collaborate with partners around the world.  Many AdWords professionals choose to spend 75% of their time within AdWords Editor.  
  6. Black Belt Certification
    The Black Belt-level introduces you to the advanced concepts around AdWords scripts and the AdWords API, and helps you apply the lessons you’ve learned at the other levels with both speed and judgment.  

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