It is incredibly important that you speak a common language with your team, which is why we use terms like “method 1 ad writing” and “the bulk method for negative keywords.” By mastering the strategies below, you will be able to not only understand the best way to run campaigns for specific types of clients, but you’ll also be able to understand what types of decisions your teammates are making and why.

The following lessons will cover different strategies and gambits for you to use on different accounts:

  1. What Is The Difference Between An AdWords Strategy and A Gambit? – 3:24
  2. Strategies: What Is The Hyperlocal AdWords Strategy? – 5:46
  3. Strategies: What Is The Nonprofit AdWords Strategy?
  4. Strategies – What Is The VC Strategy for AdWords
  5. Strategies: What Is The Ego Gambit? – 5:00
  6. Strategies: What Is The Branded AdWords Strategy? – 6:25
  7. Strategies: The Reverse Engineering Gambit – 5:10
  8. Strategies: The AdWords Competitor-Poaching Strategy – 4:41
  9. Strategies: The BMM Research Strategy
  10. Strategies: The Low-Dollar AdWords Strategy – 5:03
  11. Strategies: The Double-Local AdWords Strategy – 1:56
  12. Strategies: The Core Keyword Strategy – 10:10
  13. Strategies: The Multi-Touch AdWords Strategy
  14. Strategies: What Is The Deep-South Strategy? 4:56

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