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This course is an introduction to data-driven digital marketing for those looking to begin mastering the field or someone who only needs a basic overview. It will prepare you for the concepts that all the following training levels will build on.  By completing the White Belt level, you will understand the fundamental “whys” and “whats” of digital marketing — you will then learn the “hows” in subsequent lessons. 

Detailed Curriculum:

  • What is the definition of search?
  • What is Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)?
  • What are keywords?
  • What is an ad group?
  • What is the difference between Google Ads and SEO?
  • What is one example of a limitation of SEO when compared to Google Ads?
  • What is an example of an advantage of SEO when compared to Google Ads?
  • Why do businesses use Google Ads?
  • Which keyword match type is most restrictive?
  • What role does a landing page play in a Google Ad campaign?