10 Lessons That Focus on Landing Page Optimization

Example of B2B Landing Page

An example of one of our favorite B2B landing pages.

Here are 11 lessons on landing page optimization, one of which you can see without buying access to the Black Belt training program.

  1. [FREE] An Introduction to Landing Page Optimization Best Practices – 5:15
    This is a free lesson (no registration required) and you should start here to make sure you are grounded in the basics of landing page optimization.
  2. How To Find Out If the Bounce Rate of Specific Landing Pages Is Hurting Your SEO – 4:31
    One of the most important considerations in landing page optimization is understanding your bounce rate. You should start by finding out what your bounce rate is, and whether it is higher or lower than the other pages on your website. You should also ask yourself the non-data driven question of whether the bounce rate is higher or lower than you would expect. 
  3. Understanding KAL Alignment: Keyword –> Ad Text –> Landing Page – 6:36
    KAL Alignment refers to the connection between keywords, ads, and landing pages within AdWords. This lesson is part of the premium curriculum, but you can read this blog post if you aren’t a premium member but you still want  to understand KAL Alignment.
  4. How To Create An SEO Landing Page Change Report – 7:41
    This is an outstanding technique in Google Analytics, and it tells you whether your landing pages are contracting or expanding from an SEO perspective.
  5. How To Create An Intermediary SEO Landing Page Target List – 10:15
    This is an advanced concept in SEO, and refers to the ability to use landing pages you don’t own to target keywords that are too difficult to rank for on page #1.
  6. How To Create a Competitive Landing Page Analysis Prezo – 4:18
    This lesson shows you how to create a presentation that explores all of your competitors landing pages, and their overall landing page strategy.
  7. How To Create a Full List of Landing Pages for Each Competitor – 6:00
    This is a follow up lesson to #6 above, and shows you how to list out all of the landing pages that your competitors are using.
  8. Understanding the Difference Between Top of Funnel and Bottom Funnel Landing Pages – 4:37
    This is a basic lesson that helps you understand the difference between TOFU (top of funnel) and BOFU (bottom of funnel) landing pages.
  9. 24 Great Examples of B2B Landing Pages [PPT]
    This is an eBook that lays out 24 B2B landing pages from top-tier companies: like Don Draper advises, you should bathe yourself in ads (or, in this case, landing pages) if you want to be a professional marketer.
  10. How To Do A Basic 8-Step Landing Page Review (QA)
    This lesson gives you an 8-step process for reviewing landing pages in order to align them with best practices.

Will Marlow is the founder of an official Google AdWords Partner agency, and he is personally certified in Google AdWords Search, Google AdWords Display, Google Analytics, and as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. He launched Royku to provide online training to business owners, DIYers, other marketing consultants, and anyone who wants to learn how to accomplish business goals using search engines.


  • samra saghir

    Here I am listing some strategies that you can follow to optimize your landing page and get more conversions:

    An Eye-catching Headline

    The average attention span is not high, especially with all this awesome technology we now have.

    You only have a few seconds to convince someone that the page they have just landed on is worth their time and lack of cute animals pictures.

    The headline is where the journey begins, grab their attention and let them know just how special your offer is.

    Make the headline

    Short & Sweet
    Descriptive subheading and explanation

    Now that you have their attention, its time to explain to the value you are going to bring to their lives.

    The headline is alluding to your services, but your subheading and explanation go further.

    Lay out the USP.

    Benefit Driven
    I am using all these techniques for my Limo service website

  • Samra Saghir

    Amazing Post I will use these tips on my website. My website about the current affair blog.